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Photographs by VINCENT SIX


Hi! My name is Vincent Six and I’m a photographer specialized in male artistic nudes and adventure photography. 


I photographed my first nude model 16 years ago in London and since then I self-published with great success two photography books YOU, ME, THE WOODS ( 2016) and FIREWOOD (2019).

Today, I want to invite you to join me in my biggest adventure till date, two new coffee-table books titled:  PACIFIC & SPIRIT.

Vincent Six Photographer


These two artistic photography books explore the beauty of the male form when in contact with nature.


Inside you will find more than 500 never seen photographs of men living outdoor adventures "au naturel" and exploring their relationship with nature while they enjoy the most spectacular landscapes: forests, mountains, peaks, waterfalls, frozen lakes, glaciers, deserts... The variety of landscapes and men is overwhelming.

120 models in total and more than 4 years of work to photograph them all.

Free next day pickup in Vancouver, Canada.
Pacific Spirit books Vincent Six



Please be aware that import duty taxes might apply in Europe and certain other countries. However, for shipments to the US and Canada, no additional  duty taxes will be incurred.


Parcel details:

Dimensions: 30 × 23 × 5.8 cm

Package weight: 1.78kg (1x book)  3.5kg (2x books)

Book DImensions.png
  • Does the books show frontal nudity from the models?
    Yes. Only a couple of models don't show frontal nude images in the book.
  • How many models appear inside the book?
    I photographed around 120 models over 4-5 years for these two books. There are aprox. 50 in each book.
  • Is there a way to know in which book I can find my favourite model?
    Of course, feel free to ask me on Instagram or by email and I will be happy to tell you. Some models had more than one photoshoot with me and appear in both books.
  • Are the photos in the books the same ones from your Instagram?
    No. There are more than 500 new photos and only 6 to 12 can be found on my Instagram censored. I've always been committed to offer only new and exclusive content in my books.
  • Is this an erotic book? Does it contain explicit sex photos?
    No. While some images may be found more sensual and intimate than others and the models appear completely naked, you will not find sexual interactions content or any male erection content in the book.
  • Do you offer a boxed edition?
    Not at the moment. Maybe in the future on a second edition.
  • Why is the book expensive?
    It may look at first but I promise you it is not. First, each book is 306 pages that's the equivalent of two $87 books of 148 pages that you can find usually in other printed books of male photography. That means that the full project is the equivalent of 4x $87 books: $348. I did my best to give you the best book I'd like to have in my library and not what the market tells me I should do. You are not going to regret getting them, I promise ;)
  • My country is not listed as an option for shipping, what can I do?"
    Shipping these days have become incredibly complicated and challenging. All books ship from Canada and US and not all couriers can deliver to all countries. I only deliver the books to countries that provide tracking and insurance so in case it gets lost I can send you a new one free of charge. If you don't see your country listed, let me know on Instagram or by email and I will try to offer you an option or explain to you the reason why I can't ship it there. (Believe me I always do my best to get books to people who want them )
  • Which book is best PACIFIC or SPIRIT?
    Well, this is like asking a dad which of his sons is better. Both were photographed at the same time and following exactly the same theme and spirit. However PACIFIC is more dark and rugged, it focuses in the exploration and discovery while SPIRIT is more colorful and light and it focuses in the enjoyment of nature. Both are connected by visual narrative like a big one book with beginning and end but they can be perfectly enjoyed independently and you won't find the other book missing if you only get one. Also some models appear in both books in different shoots.
  • The shipping for my country is insane...
    I know! I hate shipping rates too! More than anyone else as I have to deal with them constantly. Since 2020 with the excuse of Covid, couriers have increased prices up to 5 times when before they were only increasing it once a year. I'm as furious about it as you are. That's why in an attempt to be as transparent and clear as possible, I published the full chart of shipping rates calculated to the size and weight of the package that will contain my book(s). Believe me I don't make any single dollar from it. The price I charge is the real rounded shipping price. If when you receive your package you find I charged you more, feel free to let me know and I will refund you happily. Some countries charge import taxes. That is also something completely out of my control that I can't cover for you, but it won't happen in Canada and United States. It shouldn't happen either in European countries as I adopted and registered for the new tax scheme. For the rest of international destinations it may or may not. Really hard to tell unfortunately but fingers crossed it won't... In the product page I left the package specifications and weight. If you find a cheaper rate with a provider let me know and I will see if I can send it with them.
  • Will you publish a digital PDF or e-book version?
    No. That will never ever happen. The contracts with my models clearly specify that I would never do that and I'm commited to it. The reason is because while it is cheaper and faster to deliver to costumers, these files have zero protections. To protect and respect as much the work of my models I put a lot of work and effort in publishing harcover copies. While not being perfect either, they offer a higher level of protection, value and respect for the content inside and me and all the models we highly appreciate that you don't share the images you'll find with the book. There are very special you will see...
  • Will the package I receive have any external indications of what it is inside?
    By law I have to specify that there is a book inside and the title of the book (International shippings only). A part from that they may see Vincent Six name as the sender but nothing else.
  • When I will receive the books ?
    Books takes around a week to be delivered in Canada and US. Outside of these countries they take around two to three weeks to get them delivered.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes. If the book hasn't shipped or hasn't been received. If you have received it and you have opened it, then I can't refund you for respect to the models you saw in the interior of the book. If it gets damaged because of transport or your dog ate it altogether with your science project annotations, then you may need to send it back before receiving a new one and pay for shipping. In any case the book is damaged you will receive another copy for free and a dog treat.
  • Does the book only feature fit handsome guys or there are more variety of body types
    There are more than 100 models in the book. You will find younger and older people but you won't find oiled abs or body worshipping. I'm a normal guy with a very normal body so I'm very conscious about how damaging can be the idealization of the perfect body type. Beauty is a very subjective thing but I'm sure you will find someone who you can identify with.
  • Can I buy a print for my wall of one of the photos inside the book I like?
    Probably yes! But ask me first on Instagram or Email so I can run it with the model to see if he is happy with it.
  • Will the book be available in book stores?
    Unfortunately not. It is not a book that works very well economically for the kind of business they do and I don't think I will be able to offer that option. I'd love though to do a store book signings and then I will bring copies with me.
  • Can you publish my book?
    Unfortunately I can't publish other artists at the moment. I did it in the past but now I have too much work with my own releases. Don't be afraid to publish it yourself. This is what I do.
  • Can I hire you to photograph my wedding?
    Unfortunately, no. If I go to a wedding is only to get drunk, eat a lot of food and get flirty with other guests til I'm asked to get a taxi before I make a scene...
  • When will you release a new book? I can't have enough!
    In 2024 I will publish a re-edition of my book FIREWOOD titled FIREWOOD: ASHES. It will feature lots of new models and content on top of the original book.
  • Is your dog Whisky in the book? You are cute, but I like her better."
    Absolutely! She is in. No hard feelings. I can't compete with her.
  • Do you print the books?
    No I don't. I don't have the capacity for it in my living room unfortunately.
  • I'm a woman. Will I enjoy your book?
    If you like men and nature you will certainly enjoy the landscapes! The books aren't about their sexuality so I think you will enjoy it. As I always say, I do books that my dad, who is a straight man can also enjoy the photos without feeling uncomfortable. I am the one who gets uncomfortable when he sees it as I get always very nervous when people have my books in front of them.
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