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Photographs by VINCENT SIX


Hi! My name is Vincent Six and I’m a photographer specializing in male  and adventure photography. My artworks can be followed at my Instagram @vincent.six.


I photographed my first model 13 years ago in London and since then I self-published with great success two photography books YOU, ME, THE WOODS ( 2016) and FIREWOOD (2019).

Today, I want to invite you to help me publish two new coffee-table books... Two really big ones:  PACIFIC & SPIRIT. 

These two artistic male photography books explore the beauty of the male form when in contact with nature. Inside you will find more than 600 never seen photographs of men living outdoor adventures and exploring their relationship with nature while they enjoy the most spectacular landscapes: forests, mountains, peaks, waterfalls, frozen lakes, glaciers, deserts... The variety of landscapes and men is overwhelming. 100 models in total and more than 4 years to photograph them all. 

Vincent Six Photographer


PACIFIC is like the beginning of an adventure. It portrays the moment that you step out of your comfort zone and decide to embark on your own into an adventure. In the beginning nature can feel scary and intimidating, that's why PACIFIC starts with dark and muted colors. It’s only when you overcome your fears and venture deeper into the forest that you start discovering brighter colors and enjoying living the moment. Each step will take you to places you never imagine and when you realize, you are already at the peak of the mountains.

In SPIRIT, nature doesn’t feel scary anymore and you start meeting other people that share the same passion for the outdoors as you. The models I portrayed can be seen enjoying nature in multiple forms: friends having fun at the lake, surfing, going camping… It is a bright, positive, and colourful book and it displays incredible unique landscapes that feel magical and out of this world. You make many friends along the way with whom you sit around the fire to talk about your adventures. SPIRIT is the reward at the end of a long hike.


PACIFIC & SPIRIT will be printed in June and October in Canada and ship to you shortly after.

The books uses the same format as my previous book FIREWOOD but with many more pages and content. Each book measures 8.5x11in and it has a hardcover and dust jacket. Each book has 302 pages and features around 50 models each. 











JUNE 2022

JULY 2022



Pacific Spirit books Vincent Six


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YOUR NAME PRINTED IN THE BOOK - Free with the 2 books pack

In PACIFIC there will be a page where you can add your name or nickname to show to others that you helped to make this project possible.


The people who supported the Group camping photoshoot through go-fund-me will have their names automatically added to a special page in SPIRIT. 

MAKING OFF BOOKLET - Contribute $29.95. SOLD OUT

This is an exclusive booklet, only available with the pre-orders; giving you an intimate look at the process of photographing these two books over 4 years. It includes behind-the-scenes photos, anecdotes, and comments by VINCENT SIX. 

1:1 ONLINE LEARNING WORKSHOP - 1 hour session - Contribute $59.95

My 13 years of photographing and now 4 published books, allowed me to learn many techniques along the way. In this one-on-one zoom call with Vincent Six you can ask and learn about anything related to photography, editing, publishing, or even how to talk with models, sell your images and grow in social networks. This is an incredible opportunity to grow your art by learning useful tips that made my work a big success.

2 PRINTS OF 2 NEW MODELS - Contribute $19.95

Get two new prints; one for each book, featuring two new models not included in the book that expands the project

BUY ME A COFFEE - Contribute $4.95

It has been a long 4 years of work and nothing I like the most than having a coffee in the morning. if you want to really make me happy, buy me a coffee, because you know... coffee makes life better :)