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PACIFIC (Sold out)




Welcome to a world of men, nature and adventures!


PACIFIC is a photographic book project that captures the essence of stepping into the unknown—an adventure waiting to unfold.


It mirrors that pivotal moment when you leave your comfort behind and venture into uncharted territories. At the start, nature might seem daunting, reflected in the dark, subdued tones that mark the beginning of the book. Yet, as you push past your apprehensions and delve deeper into the wilderness, a transformation occurs.


The palette shifts, unveiling brighter hues, mirroring the joy of these men, truly embracing the present. With each page, you're led to unexpected places, places you couldn't have imagined. And before you realize it, you stand atop majestic mountains, having conquered fears and embraced the beauty of the wild.


PACIFIC is a visual narrative of that evolution—from trepidation to triumph, from the shadows to the summit. One of the most spectacular books dedicated to the beauty of the male form.


The book contains more than 300 pages full of never-before seen uncensored photographs taken over 4 years at the wild remote mountains and old grown forests of the Pacific North West coast in Canada and other natural places around the world.






You can cancel your order at any time before the book ships. Email to ask for your refund. Once the book is shipped it can't be refunded to protect the intimacy of the models featured in it. If you receive the book damaged, you can email me some photos of the damage and depending of it, you may have to ship the book ( shipping not covered ) back to me before receiving another copy free of charge with free shipping to you.

PACIFIC (Sold out)

Out of Stock
  • Title


  • Number of Books


  • Pages in total


  • Number of photographs


  • Nudity

    Full frontal artistic uncensored

  • Number of models


  • Binding

    Hardcover with Dust Jacket

  • Paper

    100lb Premium White Silk  

  • Publisher

    Vincent Six

  • Release Date

    6 January 2023

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