You, Me, The Woods - Anniversary Edition (Digital)

The book that started everything!


"For years I've been willing to make a new edition of my book YOU, ME, THE WOODS. There were so many images that I edited back in the time that I couldn't add to the printed edition... I'm so happy that finally you can see them all in this digital edition. Even the unedited ones!." 


This new Anniversary Edition celebrate 5 years from the shooting of the book and adds 10 new images to the original 87 and 12 pages at the end of the book with the making off, outtakes and comments from the author. 


YOU, ME, THE WOODS is a photographic and narrative book about a couple that find in the silence of the woods the words that they needed to say to each other to save their relationship. A book about love, passion and communication, driven by nature. 


This book was photographed in France in 2015 and it was first published in a physical edition in 2016. The book quickly sold out but this new edition brings the original back with more images and content that expand the original book.


If you purchased the physical copy at the time, you can download this new edition for FREE. Send me your receipt or email confirmation of the original purchase to, and you will receive a code to download this new edition.

You, Me, The Woods - Anniversary Edition (Digital)

    • 121 Pages ( 33 more than the original printed edition )
    • Original Narrative
    • BACK TO THE FOREST · 12 New pages with Making off, outtakes and comments by Vincent Six.
    • Nudity: This book contains implied nudity
    • English & Spanish bilingual edition