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The first volume of the new VINCENT collection of books, is a spectacular hardcover book with 240 pages and 25 models photographed around the World. Social media favourites and anonymous faces gives live to a intimate project about who we are and how we interact with nature through visual stories. 


"This book represents the beginning of a journey. The moment you set up a foot out of of your doorstep and leave your comfort zone looking for new ways of living your life. Maybe a more natural way... far away from cities, or maybe just inside the comfort of your own home. In any case, this exploration of something else is what brings all these men together in a project that it is a celebration of who we are as men and humans in the World we live." - Vincent Six. 


During two years, self-taught photographer Vincent Six, travelled to countries like United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Chile photographing men in the nude for this book. A book that avoids representing men as cold greek statues or sexualized bodies but it is not shy about showing the beauty of the male body in full.


"I always loved German sauna culture. Since you are young, you are taught that there is nothing wrong with nudity, that all bodies are beautiful as they are and there is nothing wrong with being nude in front of other persons. I think it is a very healthy thing for your wellbeing and mind. You get to see other bodies naked and you realise that you aren't as different as you thought."


In this book you will find your neightbour, the guy from your gym, your colleague from the office, your cousin, your boyfriend or best friend. None of them are professional models, but volunteers. All real people with their strenghs and insecurities that one day decided to face their fears, and asked to model naked for the first time and exclusively for this project. Vincent Six male nudes have nothing to do with vulnerabilities. His work shows brave men, proud of who they are with nothing to fear anymore. People that encourage you to face your own insecurities and ask you to join them in this adventure forgeting what people would say. 


Disconnection from the natural World is a recurring theme in Vincent Six' work. Through his photos, Vincent wants to take you on a journey though spectacular and intimate locations, visiting many places around the World without leaving your home and sharing an adventure with all these beautiful men. 


Vincent Six work is fully self-funded and supported only with the sales of his books. 


  • This book features full frontal, non-erotic male nude photographies. Despite we believe that there is nothing wrong about seeing a natural naked body, by law in many countries, you must be +18 to purchase this book.