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Welcome to FIREWOOD! A new 240-page photography book by Vincent Six. This premium hardcover book features 217 never-before-seen photos of 25 men who enjoy nature, explore, feel and love in spectacular surroundings, all in the most natural way possible, naked.


"I consider FIREWOOD my book of discoveries. For me, it represents the moment when you leave your home and comfort zones and begin to discover new sides of yourself, a path to new adventures."


For more than two years, photographer Vincent Six has traveled the world photographing men and their relationship with nature and masculinity.

"My male photography work has always been connected to nature. Every time I go to the mountains I say to myself, 'wow, this is amazing.' I chose the title FIREWOOD because I wanted to capture a moment of transformation. Strength, passion and energy that these young people release when they discover their wild side and transform the way they see their world. "


Frontal male nudity is seen as taboo in many countries. Vincent Six takes that misconception and uses it as the breaking point to portray men in a brave and beautiful way, proud of who they are, with nothing to hide. The men in this book are not portrayed in an erotic way or as "Greek statues" like many other nude male photography books. As in his previous work, 'You, Me, The Woods', Vincent Six uses his cinematographic lighting to represent these guys in a friendly and accessible way; like actors in a movie you can relate to or a best friend with whom you share a secret.


FIREWOOD is a book full of joy and male beauty. This is the first book of a collection of 6 books dedicated to men & nature. Next book is titled PACIFIC SPIRIT and will come out in October 2020. 







Firewood - Signed

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