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White Smoke (2023)

2h 15min   |   Language   |  Producer  Director 

Les Garcons Des Fleurs is a celebration of all male body types. A book full of illustrations of the naked male form entwined with nature. The author was first inspired by the new form of intimacy that we experience through social media. Through this book Hajime hopes to challenge the conventional view of online personal connections as being cold or 'unreal', as well as the cultural taboo of full frontal male nudity and the negative reactions it can often evoke.

Hajime Yamamoto, a Filipino-Japanese artist, was born in the Philippines and was inspired to draw from a young age. He works primarily in watercolour and is strongly influenced by the beauty of the natural world as well as his personal relationships and experiences with those closest to him. He is inspired by landscapes, flowers and people that surround his everyday life and interprets this through watercolour. 

Les Garçons Des Fleurs - Volume 2 is also available. Now at a reduced price.


202 pages - 100 Illustrations - Black & White - Softcover/Paperback - 290x210mm

Published by VINCENT VI - March 2017